To penetrate, as in sex.
1. I was tappin that girls ass last night.
2. Sally straped it on and was tappin her bitch.
by Kerrde October 21, 2003
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When you start talking to someone that is single and u guys slowly move into a relationship
by Heydoodoooo October 20, 2018
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To begin talking to someone then move into a relationship
“You can tappin with me
by Heydoodoooo October 20, 2018
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A term used to say someone fell a sleep,usually when everyone else around them is awake. Created in DMV area
Teddy: Aye what yall bouta do?
Stevie: Its only me man, Kevin isnt awake.
Teddy: Awww, that nigga stay tappin!
by Itsyaboy June 1, 2012
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when someone is being annoying or irritating.
bro quit tappin”
by Mxarxvera July 4, 2019
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Term used defining the effects of recreational or excessive use of Aderrall.
I'm tappin' so hard right now
by everydaypeople October 3, 2010
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fuck someone so hard that they can't get up in the morning
man i was tappin that ass last night, and that is why she ain't here
by The Salty Maestro October 4, 2017
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