when you ejaculate on a girls back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape.
superman dat hoe everyday.
by blink21 August 21, 2007
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When you repeatedly put your hands on and off your penis in a circular motion during intercourse. Before you ejaculate hold both hands on the penis and force the last bit of seamen out in a pounding motion. The motion of you hands is similar to the way that naruto churns chakra in the anime naruto. After you cum on said “hoe” it is normal to shout out I rasengan dat hoe after ejaculating and then yelling believe it
I was with this fine ass kinoichi last night but I could not keep my penis in. so I had to put my hands on the 3 inch but the bitch kept moving. I ended up having to keep inside her by moving my hands around my dick allot. In the end though I rasengan dat hoe. Believe it
by raintwililight March 22, 2008
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A line from the Soulja boy song "crank dat". Meaning to ejaculate on to a woman (hoe) many times.
"Yo after i superman my bathin apes i supersoak dat hoe"
"Dude stop listening to fucking terrible music."
by Hater of Soulja boy December 18, 2007
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1. To deny a gold-digger a fancy dinner, usually by giving her a corndog
Mike's girlfriend wanted him to take her to Olive Garden, but he is broke so I told him to Corndog Dat Hoe
by Jengel900 October 24, 2007
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After boning a random street walker, before paying you shoot a grappling hook out the window and fly out, yelling "I'm Batman, Bitch!"
Person 1 - "I wanna root this hot prostitute but i have no money."
Person 2 - "Then Batman dat hoe."
by ~Heretic~ July 10, 2008
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