The coolest of cool, nothing else can compare to something so cool
Eh brah that mob bin too dardy for diz mob dere, or dem mob dere, or any mob brah, dardy brah, dardy
by Martin unna August 29, 2005
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used to describe a good looking male or female. Commonly used amongst Aboriginal Australian communities
damn that boy is dardy
he/she's dardy
by Mercedes April 18, 2005
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annoying nickname that Rebecca and Clara call Hardy.
Rebecca: Hey, Hardy's name is Hardy Douglas!
Clara: You know what would be cool? What if his name was DARDY HOUGLAS??
Rebecca: DARDY!!
Me: Woah, who's Dardy? Are we still talking about Hardy?
Rebecca: Hardy? Who's HARDY?? The only person I was talking about was DARDY!
by un haiduc April 02, 2005
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South West Australian Aboriginal word, means "of good quality"
Shes a dardy girl. Those shoes are dardy etc
by peeds13 September 25, 2009
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A word to describe a good looking or sexually appealing female.
Lad: What did you do tnite?
Mass Lad:not alot my parents wouldnt let me out so i was pretty devo but i snuck out to this dardi chicks house till like 2am.
Lad: 88 000 lad points
by Mass Gibboner September 20, 2006
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Native Australian Slang for something that is awesome/good.

Can also be used to describe an attractive female or a really good bloke.
"Hey Dardy, cant wait till i get my Dardy Centrelink Payment this thursdy"

"Check out that Dardy Bitch, wouldnt mind puttin one through her, after a few Emu Exports UNA"

"This Government Housing is fukn Dardy"
by Wads Dardy March 22, 2010
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