Hardy is the skilled one. he will snap you if you make him angry.
he is a tough little shit who can get away with anything.
hardy terrorises the opposition in the game of rugby and is evil.
Satan himself fears this boy.
can't be knocked down, the last person to try still hasn't woken up.
hardy has the world's largest penis.
shit your as tough as Hardy

Q.will you fight hardy?
A.fuck no
by Hardy March 1, 2005
Friend. Plural version is Hardies (Friends).
Avast me hardies, yo ho! Whats up me hardy?
by Mike 1984 August 2, 2008
A man with tremendous ability to have hard-on.
Also, nickname for porn actor.
Timo Hardy got hard-on 15 times in one scene. That's why he called hardy
by dildo777 March 23, 2019
Word Used In a Derogatory Context. When One Is Being A Pain In The Ass, Bitchy, Annoying, Pussy, Spoiled, Cocky Or Simply Being A Fag They Are To Be Called What They Are...Hardy!
Exams Are So Fucking Hardy! Especially When You Have To Sit Beside That Little Spoiled Brace Face Hardy Piece Of Shit! Fuck That Kid Is So Hardy That He Could Be The Origin Of This Word!
by Brendan Collins June 18, 2007
Big dickhead who suffers from erectile dysfunction and wishes he was African American
That looks depressed I bet he's a Hardy
by The only HMFIC March 15, 2020
Stray away from the pedo Hardy cuz he will titty fuck you Seth.
by HardyGieske June 25, 2020
Hardy is a pussy, he likes to be a little bitch and because he sounds much older than his age he is also known as puberty boy. Hardy lies to himself and calls himself Jesus, which he is not. He also has a very tiny penis and hairy balls.
Hardy is being dumb, as usual I hope he gets sexually harassed and then fucked in the ass!
by Verity Valor August 12, 2018