a more polite way of saying dammit or damnit or however you spell the damn word
deLyr|us: DANGIT another hs!
MuRdA ScEnE: yeah that was kinda obvious
deLyr|us: someone needs to kick them out
by wiCkEd eEv January 23, 2003
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A hilarious catch phrase made famous by some guy who said it everytime his parents caught him masturbating.
some guy: <fap, fap, slap slap, slurp slurp, choke, stroke>

Some guy's guardian: I hear you playing with yourself and you better stop or else you can't play with yourself for 2 weeks.

some guy: dangit! not again!
by the sticky situation November 18, 2010
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when your with an attractive friend and you get a boner
Morgan: "oh, hey dahvie!"
You: *looks down at pants* "dangit!!"

Aaron: "So how bout morgan.. right? she's pretty hot!"
You: "C'mon man, dont make me dangit!"
by DahvieWuvsNeighboo January 26, 2014
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an exclamation used by pissed off people..particularly coaches that love other coach's penises...used whenever the person is feeling disgruntled
Coach Brashizzle said dangit when coach morizzle rammed him too hard.
by gdizzle February 5, 2004
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A word used when you are angry at someone or something.
Hey dude what is the answer for number 5: 1+1? Dude it's 3 x 1+1=3 DANGIT BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!
by Mr.Boal February 18, 2014
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Shows emotion could be good, bad, mad, sad, sexy, etc.
"Gaugh dangit i'm pissed!", "Gaugh dangit girl you are fine.", "Gaugh dangit I can't believe shes/hes gone.", "Gaugh dangit that guy cut me off!"
by slang maker December 7, 2009
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A slang term for "OH CRAP!", whoich is a slang term for " My goodness". Combines crap and dangit. Only to be used by Brandon D.
"Crap-dangit? I've been shot!"
"Crap-dang you!"
by Brandon Dockery December 6, 2003
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