an expression for feeling frustrated or angry.
you just kicked over a can of nails on the roof. an appropriate expression would be to exlaim "Dangit Yo!"
by Ylime August 1, 2006
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A combo performed in super smash brothers Brawl in which Yoshi does the following to his opponent.

Bair-ftilt-utilt-uair-uair-egg throw-egg throw-egg throw

Other variations also exist.

Oh snap Jeremy just did a dangit yoshi combo on dangit yoshi!
by dangityoshi April 7, 2009
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Common phrase used by American fathers, especially the white ones. It is a substitute for the phrase " God damn it"
Example: "G' dangit, my lawnmower done gone an' broke again"
by idcwhatimdoing August 24, 2021
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