An acronym for 'Crieff Young Team' a cult, the poverty of social class who claim the Crieff territory. Founded on religious ground they have now disbanded their sectarian divide and now accept anyone who fornicates a minor behind 'The Wooly' in the cover of darkness whilst under the influence of various narcotics.
'Are you in CYT?' 'No I am yet to of had drunk intercourse with an underage female behind a shop.'
by MagnusAM January 22, 2015
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CYT is an acronym for Christian Youth Theater.
CYT dose musicals.
You need to be prepared to sing, act and dance all the time.
CYT takes up most of your time.
It's a place where guys wear tights.
It's a place where you hear guys saying, "I have to put on my make-up"
It's a place where people break into song and dance all together.
It's a place where people know harmonies to Happy Birthday.
It's a place where you came fellowship and worship God.

Friend: HEY! Wanna hang out today?
CYTkid: skdhfkhsdf Sorry I can't. I have CYT pracitce.

- Next day -
Friend: Hey, wanna go to the mall?
CYTkid: Sorry I can't. I have CYT.
by Nessa C. December 07, 2005
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Acronym for 'Check Your Tags.'

1. Used on social networking websites such as Facebook to denote an incorrect or inappropriate photo tag.

2. Used to denote incorrect or inappropriate tags on other websites utilizing tags, including blogs, galleries, and streaming video websites.
John tagged Jane Doe as 'Jane Smith,' so I commented a quick 'CYT.'
by lepoulpe April 18, 2010
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Acronym for "Cute Young Thing"
Oh golly. I'd love to help you with that broken watter main inside your building but I'd much rather go to the pub and find me a CYT to go home with.
by nando November 14, 2002
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