Term originally used by the East End razor gangs of interwar Glasgow. Sectarian and fiercely territorial, groups from different areas would engage in everything from casual one-upmanship to open street warfare. Best-known and most feared were the Tongs, the Toi and the Cumbies.

Smaller groups from other parts of the city identified themselves as the Anderston Young Team, Drumoyne Young Team and so on.

This latter form - or, more specifically, the tla arising - is now used by neds solely to give group identity to their immediate circle of friends.

Occasional variations include Young (Scotstoun) Fleet, Young (Ruchill) Boys and (Whiteinch) Mental Team. Note that neds using tla identifiers are neither scary nor imaginitive.
(sprayed on a wall)

on tour 2k3
Gaz -T-
Davie -Mc-
Darren -B-


(crudely drawn cannabis leaf)
by dullthud July 17, 2003
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bristo young team (byt) are a group of youths that pretend they skate, drink K cider, smoke roll ups and sniff the occasional bit of ket. then try to cancel eachother and break it all up with a gaff or camping ⛺️
“do a kick flip bro” “nah sorry i can’t i’m bristo young team”
by oNzOoE April 21, 2022
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Located in cumbernauld lies condorrat wae the young team and the wan junkie that goes in the shop fuck all else in condorrat the chippys awright tho
Condorrat Young Team --cduj boys ya fuckin dafty,
by On tour fuck sake fuck sake December 27, 2022
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Most feeble group eh boys in Scotland their names kept alive by the Robinson brothers
Here there’s the TYT (Tranent young team) better run before you get smashed
by Jack Robinson October 18, 2021
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Team Young is what defines fun-filled people who get the most out of life. Anyone who truly understands, appreciates, or acknowledges Team Young at it's core knows about having a good time. While riding a bike has a lot to do with it's meaning, it definitely doesn't end there, nor should it. This idea, this thing can be applied to anything and everything in life.
Team Young is creating something out of nothing. For all those people who complain about where they live and what they have to do, need to see that there's a flipside to every coin. Team Young started on a trip to get away from those places that get you down. However it has been realized that you don't have to go somewhere else to enjoy yourself, you can make that good time happen right where you are. Get creative, open your mind, do it for yourself. Remember the nights not over until you puke in the slut's bed.
Team Young is not one group of people & it's not for everyone. While certain members may be more visible, everyone who "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" is just as important. No matter what your age, race or sex, get out there & stretch your neck. Those who make it happen for themselves and the others around them are the ones who get the most out of life. Team Young is not waiting for the right moment, but making that moment. So many people have had smiles on their faces after experiencing a little bit that has to do with Team Young. From contests for riding your bike, parties for people going away, going to a new bar, being in a new city, or meeting new people... Team young is all about making every situation that much more sweet.
You only live once, so make it count!
I'm in a Team Young state of mind! Think Young, Stay Young mother fucker!
by Team Young BMX July 12, 2006
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