similar to a zit but bigger. Kind of like a tumor but is (in most cases) non-fatal.
I have a cyst in my wrist from when i hurt it but it'll be gone in a few weeks.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
some fat kid enjoys poking my cysts.
by matt October 26, 2004
A cyst is a type of solid essence in a sac under your skin the only way to remove it is to go to a dermatologist or do it yourself which i highly do NOT Recommend
I have this huge cyst.
by Melody Sorgatz August 29, 2018
A “debby-downer” nerd, with no style, no game, but who inherently means well.
Arthur refused to enter the club because he was worried about his asthma, he is such a cyst!
by Barwin123 July 27, 2018
A big bump in the joint full of a jelly like substance. In most cases they do not hurt unless it is pushing on a nerve
There's a ganglion cyst in my wrist and it hurts really bad
by Loldictionaryideas February 11, 2016
A painful turd blockade within the large intestine often causing constipation, cramps and gas. Has the distinctive feel of a lump forcing it's way through your bowels slowly and distending your colon along the way. When it finally comes time to birth this turd comet, the resulting shit storm will feel like an inside out ass raping.
Oh shit bro, got a major shit cyst forming from eating that cheese steak, time to go get some laxatives.

Quitting smoking sucks I haven't shat all week, quick punch me in the gut to try get this shit cyst moving.

Man after punching out that last shit cyst, I think I might try eating some fruit for a change.
by fbtmf August 1, 2009
1. Fun name to call someone. Another way of saying sis bag.

2. A bag full of cyst's.
1. Shut up Johnny, you are just a little cyst bag.

2. Cut your cyst off and throw it in this disgusting bag full of cyst's.
by the two-can sam December 12, 2005