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A platform into which you can install a penis. Male, female, mouth, vagina, or asshole.
She's not that hot, but she'll do just fine as a docking station.
Foley was looking for a docking station on IM.
by bkdouble October 5, 2006
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A town located on Martha's Vineyard in Dukes County, Massachusetts, USA. The population was 344 at the 2000 census. It is known for its beautiful clay cliffs and quiet natural serenity, which has become less common in the heavily populated northeastern United States. The clay cliffs/beach are one of the few nude beaches left in the U.S. More recently, it has become celebrated as a center of Wampanoag culture and a center of pride and tradition amongst members of the tribe, who make up a majority of the town's residents.
On our last trip to the Vineyard, we spent the day swimming at Gay Head.
by bkdouble October 6, 2006
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Decorative lawn ornament, popular through much of New england, where an old cast-iron bathtub is buried standing up, halfway into the ground, and a statue of Jesus is placed inside. Frequently seen near or with a lawn ball. Associated with white trash.
I saw a great bathtub jesus in Pawtucket last week.
by bkdouble October 6, 2006
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any type of smoking paraphernalia - pipe, bong, papers, one-hitter, etc.
i've got the weed, but i need an input device.
we made an input device out of an apple ...
by bkdouble October 5, 2006
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Software which has been modified to allow use without proper serial code, hardware key, or authorization. See: unlimited evaluation
Does anyone know of a krack for IPnetRouter 1.6.8 that will allow me to
by bkdouble October 5, 2006
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We got a wicked lot a culcha in Boston.
by bkdouble September 30, 2006
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