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Drinking your own cum on webcam after jerking-off on cam for someone you assumed was a woman.
He/She: Now eat it! (cyber shot)
by rattttt August 16, 2008
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A shot of alcohol done with a friend online when you're alone so you don't look pathetic or like an alcoholic.
I totally cyber shotted with Alyse and Stacey because I was alone and didn't want to be an alcoholic.
by Prebora2 April 05, 2008
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You are miles away from your pals, so you do a shot with a friend(s) through a social media app.
Sorry I couldn't make it! Get on Snapchat for a cyber shot!
by Return Of The Mack March 11, 2017
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Cyber-shot is the Sony trademark for its line of digital cameras.

This brand is divided into eleven series :

F series (DSC-Fxxx) – prosumer cameras with long zooms
H series (DSC-Hxx) – long zoom cameras
L series (DSC-Lxx) – compact cameras
M series (DSC-Mxx) – full featured cameras with high quality video capture
N series (DSC-Nxx) – cameras with touch controlled lcd screens
P series (DSC-Pxxx) – mid-range point and shoot cameras
R series (DSC-Rx) – prosumer, Digital SLR like cameras
S series (DSC-Sxx) – previously middle to high end, now entry-level cameras
T series (DSC-Txx) – slimline, ultra-compact cameras
U series (DSC-Uxx) – ultra-compact cameras
V series (DSC-Vxx) – prosumer cameras
W series (DSC-Wxx) – entry-level to intermediate cameras

There is a strong likelihood that the DSC prefix is an acronym for "Digital Still Camera".
I bought a new Cyber-Shot Camera!
Oh, really? Who cares.
by Mark April 09, 2006
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