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Amazing. She's so funny, caring, kind, and very sensitive(don't you dare break her heart). She is not as innocent as she seems. Alyse is great with dating tips and always a good laugh to brighten your day. She is also a bit boy crazy, but she knows what is and isn't hers. If she's mad at you, she has probably been suffering in silence for some time.
That girl is so easy to get along with, yet hard to understand. What an Alyse!
by Liamsgirl August 09, 2016
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The most beautiful creature in all the land. Alyse's have long brown hair and big brown eyes. Usually come with a to- die- for personality and get all the guys. Alyse's are fleek.
Girl: "Oh my gosh look at that Alyse.. I wanna be one!"
by WeirdGirlLongHur November 04, 2014
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The most amazing girl in the world! She is a beautiful blonde but she thinks she is ugly and criticize herself a lot. She knows how to have fun and is easy to fall in love with. Everyone loves her and most of the men want to be with her.
Guy 1-"Thats girl is SEXY!!"
Guy 2-"I know she must be an Alyse!!"
by yodasoda5 April 02, 2011
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A girl that lies whenever she speaks, steals clothes and makeup. She will hit you for no reason, because she is physco .
Alyse stole my shirt!
She lied, it's because she's an Alyse.
by Okay dude! June 14, 2018
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