Adjective: of a quality often acceptable to both professional and consumer users. Esp. referring to electronic equipment (camcorders, tape decks, etc.)
I wanted something nicer than a $500 consumer camcorder, but I couldn't afford a $50,000 professional camcorder, so I bought a $2,000 prosumer camcorder.
by dolby January 12, 2004
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A professional consumer. Is a consumer (i.e. buys a lot of gear and equipment) but only buys professional standard equipment.

Not necessarily a professional themselves, for they may be punters rocking expensive, high quality gear.
Prosumer: I just bought a Canon MkIII 5D to take photos for facebook.

Mate: You're a dickhead. You really didnt need a camera that good just for facebook. ffs.

Prosumer: I'm looking for a new bike, any ideas?
Mate: Maybe go and get a Giant with 105 componentry; it should do the trick!
Prosumer: Mate, cmon. If i'm going to get a bike i'll prosume and get something with super record.
by alfremdsprache June 3, 2013
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An amalgam of the words proactive and consumer. Literally a consumer who becomes active to help correct and better the goods and services found in the marketplace at any given time.
Also a consumer who helps design or customize the products they purchase.
Coined by Alvin Toffler in his book "The Third Wave" in 1980.
The design team tapped a key customer group of prosumers in seeking to understand the photography market's needs in the next 3 years.
by Vitamin G2 September 7, 2006
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PROducer/conSUMER. A fancy term used by Amway-type people to lure you into their money-making cult. A prosumer is basically a middle-link in their pyramids.
By franchising (consuming) from person A, and franchising to persons X,Y, and Z (producing), you can make billions and billions of dollars.
by Chris Trevino October 25, 2004
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Someone who consumes the services of prostitutes.
"Don't make out with Ed - he's a prosumer."
by TX482 September 24, 2013
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A yuppie who wants full control of their own vice.
Peter Prosumer buys a over priced coffee machine to make his own expresso every morning.
by stowecrew February 12, 2012
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