A object or thing that has a shade of blue mixed with green at any amount.
"That thing is Aqua right?"
"No, it's clearly Turquoise."
"It honestly looks more Aqua than Turquoise."
"Let's just call it a Cyan object"
by exwum March 18, 2017
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Like a red herring, but even more misleading and infinitely trickier.
"I thought that I may have found Elvis but discovered that it was just another cyan cod."
by newshmoo August 22, 2006
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When red and blue are both dead and you have no one to blame.
Bro, cyan sus lets vote him out!
by susmanThatssus December 24, 2020
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When an incel decides to go to the gym, go for a walk and realizes the true ability of the outdoors
“Did you here Johnny’s fatass is Cyan Pilled now”
Finally he went outside”
by Enderblender December 12, 2021
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its means transport solutions with revolutionary multi-layer network planning and management had a revolution
by CYAN GANG February 16, 2021
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A cool dude (aka a dumb oc) who by his name is coloured cyan, he does not really look up to sonic himself despite his similar appearance but, even with what we know... there might be more mysteries than answers.
You are not the fastest, cyan the hedgehog but what you lack in speed, you make up in knowledge!
by The creator of this oc August 28, 2017
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When you are travelling at very fast speeds without propulsion. ex. Snowboarding, biking, wing suit, etc. Sometimes a blur or warp speed effect will happen in your vision, when this happens you know for sure you’re going super cyan.
Lets super cyan this run I need to show this guy what fast is about.
by CoolBoarderR February 8, 2011
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