An blue-to-green mineral. Rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. Can also refer to the mineral's distinctinve colour.
American Robin eggs are deep turquoise.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 29, 2011
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Turquoise is either code for crystal meth, or a gateway to it.

We'll I'm leaving!


You can't leave, you're 17!


Yeah, and I'm not pregnant. I'm gonna have better judgment than you guys had at my age.
I'm gonna... move to the southwest and-- I don't know, do something with turquoise. walks offscreen

Int. Smith Residence. Rick and Morty are sitting in the living room watching TV.
Summer storms off, passing in from of the TV


I think, in my head, I was doing it all for the kids. And now the first kid is going to... do something with turquoise.


Which is either code for crystal meth, or a gateway to it.
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A woman that takes no shit, will slap the hell out you if you disrespect at any cost. All around attention holder. Will tell you exactly how it is. Don't sugar, but most importantly has a Golden heart.
Turquoise dont play that shit.
Man we need turquoise in this situation.
by Turquoise December 20, 2016
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A blend of blue and green, In holistic medicine, the color turquoise purportedly has a calming effect on patients, and is particularly used to treat patients prone to panic attacks or mania. To a lesser degree, mainstream psychiatric hospitals also use turquoise and other light shades of blue and green to calm patients by painting the walls in these colors. Turquoise is perceived by most people as the coldest of all colorscitation needed.

edit References
In slang form, the phrase "The Turquoise" refers to the waters of the Caribbean, which are shallow and therefore take on the color in sunlight.
by camael January 6, 2009
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Part of a hideous color scheme once used in the 1970s by University of New Mexico sporting teams. The color (and gem) has since been banned from humanity.
Hey grandpa, I was looking at old Lobos photos. Didja know turquoise was hideous 100 years ago?
by Lobo Man April 25, 2010
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Mostly known as a color also used as a name. Crys over dogs peeing on their bed. Screams alot. Often acts out in fits of childish rage. This person should be watched closely for their schizophrenic qualitys
Today i wore a turquoise scarf.
My sister turquoise is a crazy bitch.
by Kmonty September 29, 2009
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One who is truly "GREAT" at all things done in life. Very beautiful, usually known for their distinctive taste in fashion, fine cuisine, and their love for art. To know of anyone with these qualities, should scream JACKPOT...
Geeeezzzz I wish I could be a turquoise, things would be so much easier in life.
by jaysoul5 December 30, 2010
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