The cyan team for Mcc (Minecraft Championship) 17 consisting of streamers TommyInnit, Karl Jacobs, Dream, and Ponk. In other words, team name "Cyan Coyotes" wasn't cutting it but cyan cummers couldn't be used for moderation reasons so chummers was the next best option.
The cyan chummers threw mcc to make it fair for other teams to win
by BredCrum September 19, 2021
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If you wear a cyan hair tie you are a faggot, especially if your name is Marcus !
You see that guy over there ?

He must be a faggot if he’s wearing a cyan hair tie

His name must be Marcus
by Cyanhairtieguy March 23, 2022
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Some kind of comment from AMONG US MEMES that tens of people love it, including the youtuber who posted the video, give credit to that 90's anime
Me: *laughs*
Teacher: why are u laughing
Me: oh nothing
Me in my head: SUPER CYAN
by STFU I AM NOT THE IMPOSTOR November 24, 2020
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