A stupid bitch that is hot but makes stupid choices in guys.
-So how's it going with you and Cyan?
-I don't know man, she's confusing as fuck.
by Paperpusseh May 29, 2011
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•comes from the word Cyan
•it's a personality trait of fully evil shit
•a cyane doesn't care for your well being
•cyanes like blood and gore
have you heard about that girl? she's a total cyane
by Astronomical-Cherry on twitter February 17, 2019
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A Blueish Green Character From Among Us.
I Just saw Cyan Vent
Cyan Sus
Vote Cyan
Cyan is The Impostor.
by JannRickles December 23, 2020
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the guy that always dies first in the hitgame among us
dead body reported

blue: who where?
red: Cyan, electrical
by Jay The Cat September 12, 2021
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It's a damn color that is between blue and green you idiot. You actually have the time to search this up, wowwww.
Cyan is a damn color that does not really need to be searched up.
by Petergriffin#awesome December 12, 2017
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it means transport solutions with revolutionary multi-layer network planning and management had a revolution
"Okay boss, let's start our multi-layer network revolution and start the cyan revolution"
by CYAN GANG February 16, 2021
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