Best emkay quote of ALL time,no denial
person 1:whats your fav song

person 2:wanti wanti cyan get I' getti getti no want I'

person 1: e m k ay
by bsoda_ew August 11, 2021
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A quote from one of EmKay’s r/Ihadastroke
me: oi, what’s your favorite quote
you: uhhh, “Wanti wanti cyan get i’, getti getti no want i’,”?
by DatRandomWott? October 14, 2021
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Some kind of comment from AMONG US MEMES that tens of people love it, including the youtuber who posted the video, give credit to that 90's anime
Me: *laughs*
Teacher: why are u laughing
Me: oh nothing
Me in my head: SUPER CYAN
by STFU I AM NOT THE IMPOSTOR November 24, 2020
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A crack head woman gamer who fakes killing herself
Hey do the cyan u little cunt
by Adenoiddegree November 29, 2020
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Cyan is a very beautiful color that many people don't know of. It's a mix of dark green and a medium blue.
Cyan is one of my favorite colors because it's dark and light at the same time!

Hey, what is your favorite color? Cyan... Cyan all the way
by ItsTheFish October 11, 2019
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To play or to indulge yourself with a game that you forgot you had other things to do
I've been playing valorant for so long, I've did a cyan and forgot to do my schoolwork.
FUCK! I'm going to fail am i?
by JoemamaGaming January 3, 2022
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that one color in among us who is always sus and imposter
it’s cyan they sus
by the baddest bleep October 22, 2020
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