to be very very drunk
paul was so wize last night he couldn't even stand!
to get "wize"
by daniel linden July 16, 2008
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When a person who is really high starts to laugh in a similar fashion to that of Wiz Khalifa
My buddy smoked a j to his dome and started wizing
by Zatner December 04, 2014
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The act of smoking more weed immediately after becoming high so as to not be able to pronounce the phrase correctly.
Colin lets smizoke the wizeed
Yeah dude I'm down
by ashmane September 04, 2010
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Yo last night iwiz was totally wizing out with brett and chris, but daniel said be right back and never came back... where'd he go?
by pulkitoburrito January 01, 2021
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A Wize Boy is someone who thinks they're the dogs bollocks. They think they are the wisest mother fucker around. Being a Wize Boy is NOT cool.
Why you acting like a wize boy for?

Hahah. What a Wize Boi!!!!
by ImanuelDavidson March 15, 2015
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A hard core, intense education through instant messaging with an anal-retentive guy named Scott.
I've been gettin' wized up since last January.
by i got wized up August 08, 2005
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Aussie tag. hip hop urban underground music consiting of urban triphop
There ain't no rapper that can produce phat songs as good as the muthafuckin W.I.Z.E!
by Wize guy July 18, 2004
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