a member of the opposite sex (hopefully the word is not prone to drift in the homosexual domain) who appears physically attractive whom you would like to pursue. It is different than "hot" or "hott" as that simply denotes a desire for copulation, whereas a cutester denotes more noble or perhaps sensual desires or emotions.
"Man that waitress is definetly a cutester" I proceeded to write my number on the check.
by Javi P MF December 28, 2004
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Ashlyn : You are the cutest.
Wyatt : No, You are the literal definiton of the cutest.
Ashlyn : Oh, right I am the cutest.
by Cutedetector January 14, 2021
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Bonnie is the cutest girl ever and like dont mess with them they are usually strong. Cutest girl is named bonnie dont @ me.
She is the cutest.
by OnlyTrueXxXx September 16, 2019
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the most top cute girl. this girl isn’t just cute she’s the cutest girl.
Is Violet your girlfriend?
Yeah I’m dating the cutest girl!
by January 21, 2019
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The most amazing couple you will ever see. They care for eachother no matter what and will never let anyone get in their way. If you want to see a couple that is amazing, thats them.
Did you see Brianne and Grant, their the cutest couple.
by Crazy4life January 21, 2011
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a girl named Kayleigh, she always makes me smile and she means a lot to me. Her laugh is so cute and everything about her is cute. She’s every guys dream girl. I love her cause she’s perfect. She is cuter than any other girl out there. She is the definition of cute

Kayleigh is way too cutest ever
by Camababoos July 07, 2019
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