Don't @ me is a phrase on Twitter when you say something and you don't want people to respond directly to you. They can retweet, like, etc. but don't respond directly because you don't care what people have to say about your opinion.
Kylie: "Tagalongs are the best girl scout cookies don't @ me"

Sara: What's "dont @ me"?

Kylie: I don't care about your opinion
by lol2038 January 30, 2017
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When someone says "Dont @ me" they're saying "dont reply to me" or "dont try and argue with me" ect. Most of the time its used as a joke.
"Pinapple is good on pizza. Dont @ me about it"
by TherinNoodle November 16, 2019
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A mock of the infamous line, "Dont tase me bro!"
Usually paired with a picture.
The blank can be filled in with anyhting rhyming with "tase."
The captioning under a picture of a donut:
"Dont... me, bro!"
Filled in with "Glaze"

The caption under a picture of a fish:
"Dont... me, bro!"
Filled in with "filet's"
by njadams10 December 27, 2007
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When your bitch gives you attitude, tries to tell you what to do, or gives you unecessary input about shit that you dont even care about.
"You need to wear this hat, that one looks stupid. Bitch, dont sass me"
by ghettocowboy5 March 21, 2009
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1. usually means dont fuck,start,play wit a person.

2. also can mean dont actually fuck or have sex wit
girl- "why did u drop my phone?"
boy- "bitch, who u talkin to like dat?"
girl- "mother fucker, DONT DO ME!"
by jelisa r July 2, 2006
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When someone is getting really aggravated at you over something either big or small you could tell them not to eat you. Can be used in the same context as saying dont have a heart attack but instead tell them "Dont eat me". Or if someone is getting really mad at someone that you know you could tell them not to eat the person.

Also is best used with a "calm down" preceding it.
such as calm down dont eat me
Jomar: Why are we here? I hate this place!
Jacob: Calm down, dont eat me!

Jomar: What the fuck are you doing?!?!?
Jacob: OMG dont eat me...
by nomecomer November 12, 2009
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