Elliegant will always be cutest, she denies but that doesn't change the fact.
by elliegant cutest July 10, 2020
A title only given to my beautiful girlfriend elisabeth aka the cutest cutie.
Cutest Cutie-My girl elisabeth is the cutest in the world and universe, there's legit no one else thats cuter.
by German knuckles April 15, 2021
You are the cutest human alive and there is no denying that now if you will excuse me I am gonna look at wholesome memes now.
You are the cutest person in the world. 🥰🥺💕
don't listen to others, you are the cutest person in the world ,belive in yourself
by txtfurrys June 12, 2020
The cutest person in the world is so loving and caring they put other first before them and there so cute
by PrinceBubbleGum November 3, 2018
a phrase used to describe an intellectual girl who also happens to be incredibly attractive.

she may embrace such things as post-modern feminism, russian literature, left-wing or third party politics, and string theory, but you probably don't care about any of that because you're too busy trying to figure out how to get into her pants.

this rare and fascinating creature probably speaks at least one other language fluently, and could kick your ass at trivial pursuit.

she is most certainly out of your league.
horny bastard: "dude, check out that girl in the horn-rimmed glasses."
generic wingman: "she's one of those brainy chicks, man. she's the cutest girl in the library."
horny bastard: "too bad. i'd hit that."
by tangerine kicks daisies October 30, 2009