One who is so utterly filthy, that "filthy curr" will forever be spoken in front of their name. Instead of Shary, it would be filthy curr Shary.
My roommate is such a filthy, slobby, disgusting, dog fucking bastard, I think it is high time we start calling him a filthy curr.
by Spencer Burness October 24, 2007
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Pirate talk used when suggesting someone is homosexual.
Quit lookin at my ass you scurvy curr.
Damn, that captain sparrow is one scurvy curr.
by Bull3t Th3ory October 20, 2007
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An expression used to convey the extent that one does not care about something in a ghetto-like manner, while still remaining white.
Yvonne: "Hey Erin, you should fake bake sometime. You're so white you're almost transparent."
Erin: "I don't even curr. Tan people can kiss my arse."
by ultimategwazster92 April 20, 2009
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