1: When you are annoyed or angry and need something to say.

2: (used with dawn) When you just don't care about something: DAWN CURR.

3: A word you can call something that is similar to friend or anything of the sort. Hey curr!
-Hey curr!
-Dawn curr.
-CURRRR this is so hard!
by jojogroove September 21, 2012
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Rosie: 'Sophie, where's sarah?'
Sophie: 'Ohh I think she's upstairs curring Grant!'
by Lalal123 July 17, 2010
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"I dont curr none!" or "i said i dont curr!" (redneck talk)(such as scurred) "im so scurred right now"
by HotBeef November 7, 2009
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Penny Pinch'in muscle man who loves to punk people out
That dudes a total Curr Dawg...what a bad ass!
by SlitWristSavior June 9, 2012
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I don't care but with a black man voice. Is said as a response to something that they should care about.
Geoff: Bro you have food on your face.
George: Ount curr! (wipes away food when geoff isn't looking)
by geoyo February 16, 2013
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A way of expressing that you “Don’t care
Ok really that cool but “ion curr”
by Brianfil123 March 16, 2020
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