An exceptionally versatile outburst used to display one's emotion originated by 4.0, a student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. This epic term was initially associated with his vast feelings of disgust and disappoint at all things, particularly at his grades below 90%. Heavy emphasis must be made on the elongated dragging when pronouncing this word.

Over the course of his first academic year, colleagues of 4.0 have redefined this larger-than-life term of exclamation. It is now widely used to express every emotion known to mankind, including joy, sorrow, anger, surprise, trust, and anticipation.

It is also believed that wowww can be used to describe an instance of sexual arousal, and more importantly the feelings of satisfaction during a serious case of orgasm.
wowww UNBELIEVABLE! Someone hacked my facebook...fml

I only got a 75% on my essay! wowww

wowww you guys are annoying.

by Med School October 28, 2010
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