3 definitions by Jay Tang

n. 3298 pounds of Japanese fury. Untouchable by any car that doesn't cost at least twice as much and still faster than most of those too. The poorman's supercar.
I got pulled over doing 140 through traffic in my Sti.
by Jay Tang January 3, 2005
n. Any middle aged minority person driving an unusually large, ugly car (such as a Ford Crown Victoria, or anything made by Oldsmobile) in a wreckless fashion.
v. To drive a big ugly can in a wreckless fashion.
n. Man, did you see that fucking Zulu 1! He blew right through that stop sign and then nailed that parked car!
v. We fucking Zulu oned the whole way here in Chris' '84 Lincon. We hit like four mailboxes and sideswiped a dump truck.
by Jay Tang January 3, 2005
v. The act of knocking someone out and then placing thier open mouth on a curb so that when the back of the skull is repeatedly stopmed on all of their teeth get broken.
I beat the shit out of him and then curbed his ass.
by Jay Tang January 3, 2005