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The state of being such a cunt, that you are a waffle too.
Shannon is a cuntwaffle!
by Josh August 17, 2003
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noun: Term used to describe a "special" kind of person that has reached such a level of annoyance that no other word seems to suffice; word used to describe the ultimate douche bag.
That cuntwaffle just backed into me.
by EmilyBinx July 10, 2014
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Another way to say cunt, yet will piss off a girl even more.
Guy: you cunt waffle
Girl: wtf! im not only a cunt. im a cunt waffle.
by krack March 12, 2005
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A less than polite insult for someone who has taken their cunty levels to the point where you simply can't figure out if you're impressed or confused. This cuntwaffle is also prone to length emails and conversations, expounding on his cunty ways. Ego, misguided confidence, and a shit ton of entitlement is usually also involved.
Andrew is such a cuntwaffle
by Turtle dick June 29, 2017
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When a fat woman strips butt naked and forces your face into her cunt, she will then roll around like a waffle maker with your face in between her legs and the cellulite leaving a waffle pattern on your face.
I cant believe it, sheila just gave me a cunt waffle after i told her not to
by PUSHINUPDAISIES March 21, 2011
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someone who is such a cunt, their a whole cuntwaffle. (a cuntwaffle don't need to be a boy)
Man, my teacher is such a cuntwaffle.
by ShandaAwesome April 06, 2017
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One (cunty indivitual) who is talented in the field of retaining a topping such as syrup, jelly, or butter.
"Cuntiness is measured by the efficiency with which one can retain syrup. You, Madame, are a waffle."

"Merry Christmas, cuntwaffle!"
by I demand pie November 16, 2014
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