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Acronym for Awkward Phrase of the Day

Derived from utter nonsense; this phrase originated in 2004 and was coined by Sir the Asian, also known as Sir.

It is widely used among silly, yet cool, if not intellectual, teenagers referring to the abnormalities of the present life and past days of hilarious recollection.

APDs (plural form) are found within a book (The APD book), generally a durable hardcover edition of a blank journal in which its entries are kept and maintained daily.

APDs are selected, let's just say, subliminally by the mind of her majesty. See Sir.

If the normal mind is exposed to said APD book, they might not find the next morning bearable, for the plain fact that they will realize how miserable and depressing their lives are, unfortunately, and how few friends they have.

When in the process of recording and APD, after it is painstakingly selected out of a 50/50 chance system (for the slower of the crowd, yes or no), it is only appropriate to recommend, with the most qualified of judgments, exactly how the given APD should be recorded.

Not only is there a process of selection, there are also rigorous formulated tests that are designed to determine the bearer of the secretarial duties of each APD. Being the apd (lowercase) scribe most definitely ranks among the highest honors known to man, on par with winning the Nobel Peace Prize and being the World Hot Dog Eating Champion. Such a coveted position entitles him/her/it the instantaneous jealousy of those in the immediate vicinity.

This method ensures the accuracy of the written assessment of the awkwardness and also is a necessary part of the whole concept of being "APD worthy".

It was once said by a great guru of APD worthiness that The APD book is "for those who need a laugh, and those who have not yet seen a giraffe." Whatever that means...

Contributions and amendments to The APD book are still being made today, cementing the insanity of life to every single day that we live it. As Thoreau once said "I will weave baskets, it is a thing I can do."
Exhibit A:"Beautiful Bald Bums"

Exhibit B and 1/2:"Dude that was so funny!!!*snorts* We should make that an APD man!"
by Sir Parker October 24, 2007
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Abbreviation for "Actually Pretty Dece". Used when describing something that is surprisingly decent. Found on Facebook under "Actually Pretty Dece"
Broski 1 "Bros did you see that new hottie at school?"
Broski 2 "Ya bro she waved at me lnb."
Broski 3 "She's APD"
by JG-LNB September 26, 2010
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Janet: " i haven't seen tina in a while, where has she been? "
Megan: "oh she's probably APD. who knows where she is. "
by mc03 January 30, 2009
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APT stands for an Act of Parental Defiance or somethign that you would do to make your parents very upset and/or extremely pissed possibly to get revenge or make a large statement
such as:

"Hey man can i stay at your place tonight? I totally pulled an APD and was out past curfew, when my mom got pissed she kicked me out"


"Man your mom was totally mad, we should pull that APD again sometime"
by Simmy Egipciaco March 25, 2006
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