When someone consistently, and in epic proportions, messes around with someone else's life.
What he did is fucking cuntery in the extreme.
by Distinctly Female June 9, 2018
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The actions of someone who is being a cunt. Unfair actions towards their friends. And as well as their narcissistic tendencies to never apologize for anything, ever.
"Wow! What a cunt. I can't believe their cuntery."
by -The Awesome Person! March 25, 2022
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1. The behavior of arch-bitches.
2. Blanket term to describe the behavior of women who assume the societal prerogatives traditionally reserved for men.
'Hark! Methinks the most fell cuntery was afoot this eve.'--- Attributed to John Wayne Bobbit's ambulance driver c. 1993
by Mo Dixley August 10, 2005
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1. Acting in a cunt like manner

2. Getting others to behave in a cunt like manner
What kind of cuntery is this?
by FtMyersArtist August 8, 2009
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" She be doing some cuntery today, but the again, she be like that everyday "
by Eat_dat_booty_42069 March 8, 2019
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The general shit that life throws at you i.e. betrayal, employment, kids, marriage, small penises, etc.

Often fits well in place of the word madness.
2 in 1 shampoo is it? What is this cuntery?
by Chegothy September 9, 2008
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(cunt•erry) NOUN. 1) Female fuckery or 2) fuckery in the first degree.
1) This bitch and her friends were planning all kinds of cuntery in the bathroom.

2) John took my lunch three times this week and won't admit it. I saw the security footage. What kind of cuntery is that?!
by Angeldust86 March 4, 2017
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