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one dragon of a cunt. a bitchy ass bitch that needs to chill the fuck out. one that is so cunty, is is as if everything he or she touches appears to set ablaze.
donald: "did you see shirley rubbin her poon in roger's face at the bar?"
gerald: "yeah, what a fucking cuntdragon!!!"
by allisonisreal January 08, 2010
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Any person of the female gender who is reptilian in appearance and facial expressions, and who is the epitomy of all the evil in the world. A Cunt Dragon most often preys upon the souls of normally happy people, along with that, they suck all the happiness out of a room in seconds.
She's looking very reptilian today

kinda like a make that a cunt dragon.

i bet she eats souls

thats what happened to Alexander Supertramp

by JuSt Dragon Slayers April 19, 2009
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A legendary, mythical creature that hath no mercy upon lesser legends, such as nessie, gnomes, leprechauns, and santa. A cunt dragon is a figurative expression used for when a women is PMSing or is in bitchmode, and expresses her inner anger through her vagina. A cunt dragon is the epitome of bitchiness, which leds to bad sex, or worse, no sex at all. Essentially when the cunt dragon is out, you better hide, because hell hath no fury like an enraged cunt dragon. Alternatively, the expression is used similarly to "dousche-bag."
Jack: "Angela is being a major bitch tonight man, I have a feeling its going to be a rough night."

Jim: "Dude, no way you are getting any poon tonight, the cunt dragon is out tonight!

Alternatively: "Dude you are such a cunt dragon!"
by McGullicuddy McGoobinheimer X September 11, 2010
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When someone is so rude an bitchy they aren't human anymore there some kinda cunt dragon.
Lucy always has to boss everyone around she's rude an obnoxious man, what a cunt dragon
by gizmorpheus December 20, 2014
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A Cunt Dragon is a ruthless mercenary scavenger, scouring the cosmos for wayward souls. They sell them to the mind keepers of hell, in exchange for precious gems.
1: Dude I had sex with your mom last night.
2: What the fuck ever you cunt dragon.
1: A cunt dragon, what the FUCK is that.
2. Look it up on urban dictionary ass hole.
by Garrett February 09, 2006
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dragon o cunt, usualy found in caves
fargo fargo fargo fargo gargo fargo
by derek January 21, 2005
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1. Unusually hot and tight wordVGNRZ/word
2. Something that appears from wordVGNRZ/word every so often.
"Damn, this ain't just a pussy, it's a cuntdragon!"

"What the hell? Why do you have a cuntdragon?"
by AJ 187 July 26, 2003
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