3 definitions by allisonisreal

(noun): a patch of red skin left after one's facial hair rubs against the skin of another. it usually leaves one feeling itchy for a few hours to a day. extrememy uncomfortable. is usually a result of making out.
Dude: "Yo girl, why you twitchin' n scratchin' that red jank on your neck?"

Girl: "I like totally went to first base with Moola last night and got some hxc beard burn!"
by allisonisreal January 08, 2010
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a silly little fuck who likes to blink rapidly and tell people that they fuck cows. A young male who enjoys fornicating with his pet cat.
Allison: Dude, did you see Fragola walking on the side of the road today?

Rose: Yeah man, dude fucks his cat....gross.
by allisonisreal July 15, 2011
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one dragon of a cunt. a bitchy ass bitch that needs to chill the fuck out. one that is so cunty, is is as if everything he or she touches appears to set ablaze.
donald: "did you see shirley rubbin her poon in roger's face at the bar?"
gerald: "yeah, what a fucking cuntdragon!!!"
by allisonisreal January 08, 2010
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