10 definitions by AJ 187

The nuts of wordSnorks/word. Can also be used to call someone a chicken.
"Man, you got snorknuts. Just do it already!"
by AJ 187 July 31, 2003
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Sex. used like sexx0rs, but shortened, and sounds cooler.
I just had the SXRZ using my PNRZ.
by AJ 187 July 08, 2003
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deep-fried semen. Ususally made out of ignorance or idiocy.
"Why the hell did you make crispy cream you dumbass?"
by AJ 187 July 29, 2003
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1) a wordPNRZ/word that shoots out wordcrispy cream/word.

2) a dragon that, instead of breathing fire, breathes cum.

3) a wordPNRZ/word that breathes fire.
"Wait... this semen is fried! You have a fucking cumdragon, you asshat!"

"I will slay the cumdragon whilst wearing my semen-proof armour."

"What the fuck dude, my VGNRZ will be sore because of your fucking cumdragon!"
by AJ 187 August 06, 2003
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1) A snarf of cum.
2) To either lick, drink, or snort cum.
"G'day mate, I just had a cumsnarf on me way back."
"*hic* I'magunna cumsnarf that crap on the ground"
by AJ 187 July 31, 2003
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when an odd number of guys line up in a V shape and give a girl the bukkake treatment.
"Yo, let's go cumspike Jenny tonight!"
by AJ 187 July 30, 2003
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1. Unusually hot and tight wordVGNRZ/word
2. Something that appears from wordVGNRZ/word every so often.
"Damn, this ain't just a pussy, it's a cuntdragon!"

"What the hell? Why do you have a cuntdragon?"
by AJ 187 July 26, 2003
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