Stage 3 represents the third and final stage of bowel movements caused by IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is commonly caused by stress. This stage usually occurs after the stressful action has been completed. Stage 3 often consists of sharpened stool, hardened poop often caused by excess constipation. This is probably the most painful yet most relieving part of the 3 Step process.
Stage 3 makes me feel like I'm pooping razor blades.
by Dr. I.B. Essing February 22, 2012
A stage 3 is when you don't know what the hell you are doing with a girl and just randomly make up stages to get some action. This type of action is best performed by Chads, also known as a pussy or bitch. It basically is kissing, but stages are needed with the one we call Chad. Chad got to a stage 3 just recently. Good job Chadwick.
LAUREN: Hey, so are you ready to take this to the next stage?
CHAD: Yeah, I'm so ready for a STAGE 3!!!! Lets do it!!! Yes!
LAUREN: Ok, here comes STAGE 3!
by Josh Carvalho May 27, 2008
The final stage of a long night of drinking. The point where the things you say no longer make sense and all you can do is make goofy faces and point at people.
So I heard Kevin was stage 3 drunk again last weekend.
by untouchable23 August 6, 2009
You fucked a virgin and now she won't leave. Since it was her first time, she has an emotional attachment to you.
-"Hey man, I heard that virgin at the party?"
-"Dude, I had no idea she was a virgin... now she texts me every day"
-"Man you've definitely got a stage 3 clinger"
by Chocolate Thunder_9 January 18, 2014
Stage One: Birth

Stage Three: Death
3 stages of life
by ANUSBOI6869 July 11, 2017
A shit that comes in three stages and is super-annoying because of the fact that you have to take a shit three times.

Tends to happen after not shitting for a while, eating a big meal, when you are sick, or when you've eaten some crappy food.

Stage 1: Normal shit: Comes out looking normal, but all at once.

Stage 2: Half-solid shit: Comes out all at once and is only half-solid.

Stage 3: All liquid: The shit just pours out of your ass in a shit-smoothie. Ass-washing is required.
Damn, I hate taking a 3-stage shit.
by Burnt Bread October 19, 2009
(READ Pavle Walk Stage 2 TO UNDERSTAND) After not successfully catching little boys and cannot find any. The Pavle walk stage 3 inplace of emergencies. This is when you are pavle walk and physically no little boys cannot be found. So you enter a house and steal the dad of a little girls house and un-consensually rape his grandpa while taking the little girls dad. Once securing the dad they take him back to his house to forcefully have anal.
Person 1: Bro we have been walking for ages and cant find any little boys
person 2: Yeah I know
Person 1: What do we do
Person 2: We can try the Pavle Walk Stage 3 in a while if we cant find any little boys
Person 1: Great Idea!
by John Wock February 13, 2023