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Cryabetes is characterized by an accute and sudden need to cry like a bitch. Often victims must test their blood-tear level with a lancet for sadness. Type-2 cryabetes is often contracted from those that have lost family members, or are just being a pussy.
I'm sorry Abraham lost his mother and all, but did he really have to contract cryabetes?
by daveycius May 23, 2006
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Similar jesting insult to whambulance, taking crybaby one step further. Popularized by drew of toothpastefordinner fame.
looks like SOMEONE has cryabetes

do you need a lancet, little cryabetic? how about a urine test strip for sadness??
by yhelotharbuttsekz March 02, 2006
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Some one who constantly sheds tears regarding the fact that have contracted diabetes.
Lad: Is everything alright young man? why the tears?
Boy: It's because I have diabetes.
Lad: I'm afraid you've got cryabetes, son.
by LowBloodSugar March 22, 2012
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