if you do something at the drop of a hat, you do it suddenly and easily, often without any preparation.
I can't go rushing off to Florida at the drop of a hat.

We now have a situation where laws may be changed at the drop of a hat.
by AndreaA September 19, 2007
An idiom meaning to happen quickly, easily. For example, in the amount of time it would take a hat to fall to the ground.
When I'm thirsty, I could suck down a beer at the drop of a hat.
by Marquismarque April 29, 2008
Similar to "Boom head shot" this is yelled whenever one gets a head shot on another player.
Player 1 shoots Player 2 in the head, Player 1 then tells Player 2 "dropped your hat".
by Teh_Zarr September 8, 2009
To let one go when suffering from serious windy-pops. A polite way of admitting your bodies emission, without using foul language.

It is not neccessary to wear a hat to be able to exclaim that you have dropped it.
Can also used by a third person as an accusative
"I must apologise to you all, I dropped my hat as the doors closed."


"Did you drop your hat again?" said Roy
"No", said Dave, through the smoke rising from his smouldering trousers.
by Billbobbobcat May 19, 2010
When something is as astonishing as a gentleman would drop his hat off
Also "hats off"
by the42minutes September 29, 2015
A word created by two devious young men. Meaning to go have anal sex (ussually male on male).
"Hey, Jim. Wanna go drop hats?"
by Bart November 9, 2004