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A grossly underfunded army. Underfunded, simply because of our Liberal government ignoring them in favour of billion-dollar gun-control fiascos.

However, Canada's military has been known to do quite well with the money they have. We have one of the best-trained fighting forces in the world, as our soldiers are not trained as specialists (like in the US). Rather, they are trained heavily in a wide variety of areas.

Canada's military also invented the most effective camouflage currently in existence, the revolutionary CAnadian Disruptive PATtern, or CADPAT. It is a digital pattern, printed in leafy-green or desert pixels by a computer. The US Marines copied this design and turned it into MARPAT (MARine PATtern).

The service rifle of the Canadian Forces, the Diemaco C7, is essentially a US-issue Armalite M16, but better.
The Canadian army does a surprisingly good job, considering their funding.
by Zack S. February 16, 2004
To many Muslims, the Hajj is the spiritual journey or pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muslim sects believe that once in a Muslim's lifetime, he must make this holy pilgrimage to Mecca.
Muslim cleric: You must take the Hajj, young one.
Young Muslim: What, you mean Allahpalooza?
by Zack S. April 22, 2004
A weekend of crunk-edness; extremely chemical-induced debauchery.

May specifically refer to the Thanksgiving long weekend, during which time one avoids contact with the family unit in an effort to maximize potential crunk time.
"Hey, let's get crunk tonight! It's Crunksgiving weekend!"
by Zack S. October 10, 2005
A community of motorcycle riders who enjoy performing 'stunts', or extremely dangerous tricks on their motorcycles.

Stunters tend to use lightweight crotch rocket motorcycles in order to do their stunts, because they are easy to toss around (primarily because of their weight).

Typical stunter tricks are wheelies, which entails leaning to the rear of the bike while accelerating in order to lift the front wheel off of the ground and maintain rear wheel balance for as long as possible (also known as a 'catwalk'). Also popular is the stoppie, which is where the motorcycle's front brake lever is pulled while the rider leans forward, bringing the bike to a stop with the rear wheel off the ground (eventually it must fall back down though).

Despite how 'cool' stunters may seem, many of them choose to perform such acts on public roads and highways. This is not only VERY dangerous for themselves and the other riders and cagers around them, but this also consequently causes insurance rates for motorcyclists to be as high as they are. Stunting is a huge factor in the enormous insurance costs for bikes all over North America.
Look at those stunters, pulling wheelies on the 401... These idiots are the reason I have to pay $3000 a year to insure one motorcycle. I hope they hit a brick wall.
by Zack S. February 27, 2004
An activity popular among the import crowd that involves meeting and racing cars late at night on deserted roads.

Typically, the cars one will see at a modern street race are imports, though some domestics may attend as well.

Most of the drivers racing at such events are idiots with rich parents. Such idiots rarely buy their own cars, more often than not it is the aforementioned rich parents who do so, also paying for every penny of insurance, gas, and extra money which ends up in useless and performance-detrimental modifications such as a 'fartcan' mufflers.

Idiots who street race have claimed many lives, including their own. With the advent of films glorifying street racing, such as 'The Fast And The Furious' and its sequel, '2 Fast 2 Furious', street racing activity amongst young morons has exponentially increased.
Due to street racing, insurance rates for young drivers have dramatically increased all over North America. Thanks, assholes!
by Zack S. April 7, 2004
Intentional misspelling of 'bong', intended for use as code word.
"Hey Justin, come hit the bnog."

by Zack S. November 7, 2004
A specific type of motorcycle, typically distinguished by it's aerodynamic 'hunched-over' seating position and high power to weight ratio. Often favoured by stunters, who choose the bikes because they are light and easy to perform tricks (such as wheelies and stoppies) on.

Crotch rockets are not always Japanese motorcycles, Italian companies such as Ducati manufacture quite high-quality crotch rockets as well.

Also known as 'sportbikes'.
The Ducati 999, Suzuki GSXR1000 and Yamaha YZF-R1 are good examples of ~1000cc crotch-rockets.
by Zack S. February 27, 2004