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A person who's bad behavior attracts the police easily. A cop magnet is usually a person that does not think of the consequences ahead of them.

A cop magnet also has the tendency to attract a cop over a little thing like a broken tail light on a back of a car. Then when the cop pulls the person over, the cop will discover that the person is drunk or has dope in the car.

A cop magnet can also be a public drunk or just a plain asshole that acts retarded in public.

A cop magnet usually does not care if they get thier friends in trouble or will drag them down with him or her.

When a friend says to a cop magnet "dude your gonna get us busted". The cop magnet will reply "oh shut up, your just paranoid".
"I don't wanna be around that person, he always gets us in trouble. Does not think one or two steps ahead. He is basically a cop magnet".
by Paul Della Valle July 23, 2004
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