The bouncer at Joey's Bar where gays hung out always knew what Louie wanted since he always carried a three pound can of crisco with him.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
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Crisco is a lard substitute that can be found in a large can, and it is also a term used to describe a woman with a large booty.

Although not immediately apparent, they can both be described as "fat in the can".
You: "How you doin', Crisco?"
Her: "Why you callin' me Crisco?"
You: "Cuz you fat in the can!"
by ButcherMonkey January 25, 2004
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A vegetable shortening-based lard substitute. Also, a sex toy.
Hotmaster J has a dual use for crisco, as he can eat it and then use it to pleaseure himself.
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Quite simply put....Fat in the can.
See that chick over there......You can call her crisco, cause shes fat in the can.
by Richie Ricardo May 27, 2005
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to be slick in any situation like a ninja

also its a ghetto scrub who is very sneaky
but the main def is its a the black Juggalo
yo my name is crisco bitch juggalo fo life whoop whoop
by Crisco da blacc juggalo February 3, 2011
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a fat person (cruel, also a rude term of adress, see also fatso)
Some crisco bumped into me without saying excuse me.
by Light Joker September 26, 2005
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Crisco Shortening remains a favorite of many, especially those into extreme anal play that does not involve the penis and therefore condoms, e.g. fisting.
Used in copious amount by the gay community.
Popular since the 80s
Mom! Bring the can of Crisco I need to grab my keys out of Greg's behind!
by Capt. B. Dick January 25, 2019
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