CRIM: Cunt Rag in Motion. Dangerous female drivers. Typically overweight, big sunglasses, smug look on their fat face, eating, texting, applying makeup while operating a motor vehicle. Formerly known as 'Minivan Moms' back in the 80's. CRIMS can be found piloting any type of motor vehicle, but specimens in Minivans, and to an even greater extent, large American SUVs (Denali, Tahoe, Escalade, etc) are among the most dangerous. CRIMS have developed a sense of impunity under the assumption that their actions behind the wheel are consequence free. CRIMs do not exist in Russia, as inconsiderate female drivers are often pulled by their hair out of the car and properly dealt with.
That CRIM almost T-boned me in that intersection. She looked at me with a bitchy scowl as if she was inconvenienced by my interfering with her running a red light.
by unka poon June 13, 2016
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short for "criminal" used by white people to describe black people because they're all criminals.
"yo you better lock up you car before that crim comes over and jacks your shit fo shizzle!"
by jrock June 21, 2004
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The act of being stoned while still being perfectly awake and aware of your surroundings and totally detoxed, but still being able to be insulted about smoking pot and shit. This often causes the "crim" to be insulted regularly before giving up and accepting he's a stoner. Is actually constantly planning Communist or Extreme right takeovers using John Petrucci guitars.
When did Crag become such a crim.....
by Ross MacLeod October 18, 2007
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crim is usally a short bolegged midget with a big head short arms and short legs. It is another word for midget.
by AJ CIARAll October 11, 2009
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Short for "cyber criminal." Originally coined by Rick Hayes on the InfoSec Daily Podcast in 2012.
The crims are threatening Symantec, and are saying that they will release source code!
by Skiboy May 07, 2012
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