One who leads others, is often heard saying 'I am the leader.'
by Wanger March 1, 2005
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A name given to the messiah of the band geeks, a horde composed mostly of freshmen. Usually a senior band member who held an important position however never understood how to act outside the BAND ROOM. Less this be his undoing and eventual fall from grace!
Dude, we can’t take Pete to lunch. He’s has to watch over his flock in the band room.

I know man he's their leader!
by Steve December 7, 2004
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EXO Suho Crowned as 'Leader of Leaders' of K-pop, celebrating his military discharge Suho won first place in a vote to select the "best leader" held at the "favorite idol" app EXO's leader won with 115,000 votes from the total votes of 330, 000, ranking first.

Suho, who achieved first place, is the leader of the group EXO, which will soon mark its 10th anniversary. In the past decade, the male idol proves his leader-material personality, being soft to his members and tough when needed just like a "mother." He is also an "older brother" the members can rely on, as well as a"guardian" to his younger members. As the leader, Suho is a role model who always works ten times harder than other idols and shares positive influence with other EXO members. Best leader, indeed!
Our angel SUHO is Leader of Leaders!
by NATION's Pick February 13, 2022
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Celebrating his official discharge from military service his official discharge from military service, EXO's global leader Suho was named 'Leader of Leaders' after winning the Best Leader vote with more than 110,000 votes.
EXO's angelic vocalist SUHO is Leader of Leaders.
by NATION's Pick February 12, 2022
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the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.
.He/she is the leader of the government whether it goes good or bad.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 10, 2019
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some one who has the ability to inspire others to achieve tasks and goals that they might not other wise be capable of reaching.
Amy is a really good leader. She got everyone involved in the class debate, even the usual kids who sleep through the class.
by sophisticated women May 24, 2006
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If you are not your own leader, if your leader is still someone you vote for, or someone you work for, then you're in trouble.
People know the next leader is going to fuck them over like the last one, and yet they keep voting every four years for some reason. Meanwhile they're the same ones trying to tell you that you never learn.
by Solid Mantis October 22, 2020
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