something that is constantly spammed as a new word in Urban Dictionary
"why are there so many damn first names as new word suggestions"

"why not"
by Sossololpipi November 28, 2020
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When a person has multiple first names.

The amount of first names someone is given denotes how inbred a person is in their family tree.
Mary-Ann (first name - first name) is your sister-cousin because your mom had sex with your uncle.
by Azazer May 20, 2014
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When you know someone well enough that you call them by their first name.
I had known Mrs. Jones so long I always called her Martha. We are on a first name basis.
by Jim The Clown Hater August 9, 2007
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You saw that it told you to look up "your first name" so you did now there can be 2 ways you got here

you're being a smartass
you're blonde
*on urban dictionary*

*see "look up any word like your first name"*

(at this moment in your mind you think, i'm gonna be a smartass/blonde and actually search it like that)
by ChickenSausage June 23, 2011
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Your first name is a trend on UD that often follows a certain pattern. Upon searching your first name you often find that the first couple definitions are an obvious ploy by every single person of that name with an ego. It may take some searching but you will usually find the true definition, mainly having something to do with a sexual reference.
Mike: Go search your first name on UD
Jeff: OK

1. Jeff is a super awesome sexy guy

2. A Jeff is a Broken Penis caused by walking, slamming or, running into something or someone.
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When you no longer need to refer to someone by their last name. Usally used when 1. two enemies (particuarly Jocks) are trying to end a fight or if 2. an adult wants you to call them by their first name.
Draco Malfoy: Hey Harry
Harry Potter: What so now we're on first name basis?

you: You have a beutiful house Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith: Call me Wanda.
You: Oookay that's a little strange
by Rainchecker22 August 8, 2007
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What stupid people or people trying to be funny look up because Urban Dictionary tells them to.
Idiot: *reads "look up anything, like your first name"* Hmmm well I have nothing else to do so I'm going to literally search up "your first name".
by ~The Wizard~ January 6, 2013
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