The most alpha crew, group or thing to ever exist, you can’t beat the 5 members when they’re together at anything. They all are fucking class. Rep The Crep.
Man I suck

Because I’m not part of Crep Gang
by TheTallRedGuy January 11, 2020
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Those are some bare creps you fell me fam init
by Cash4ike January 28, 2018
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These are Skechers Originals Women's Retros OG 98 Classy Kicks Fashion Sneakers.

Usually worn by the mandem.
"look at that mandem he's rocking them 98s man"
"Damn look at my new 98 creps fam"
"Those 98s are on point "
"Man like Rob wearing his 98s man"
by loombands mate February 12, 2017
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Does what it says on the tin really. creps (shoes) for your crib (house). so slippers.
Me: MA! check out dese new crib creps i just bagged down the primark. got all soft fluff on em en all!
by Wagwan dickhead January 20, 2021
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a pair of shoes which are amazing and look sick. They add or improve the swagger of the wearer.
Boy 1: "bruv you seen man's new trainers?"
Boy 2: "woah geez, dem are some swagger-creps fam"
by Don Swagger March 01, 2011
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