One who is in love with but not limited to Jordans, Forces, Dunks, Maxes, etc.

Willing to camp out and face lines that wind around blocks for a pair of once in a lifetime exclusives!

On the verge of bankruptcy because the addiction is THAT serious.

Misunderstood by non sneaker heads as wasting money and are constantly told that they will get over it or that "it's just a phase.

Likely to kill you if you step on their kicks.

Running out of closet space because the boxes can only stack up so high...

Marks calendar for release dates and hates seeing fakes.

Lives for the first time they open the box and that new sneaker smell just fills up the air. HATES CREASES.
Person A: Yo Shirley doesn't stop buyin shoes! She just got another pair of Jordans..

Person B: Damn, she's a sneaker head...

by *~BLacK WiDoW~* April 1, 2007
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Some one who collects shoes or sneakers. Usually most trendy ones. Some may be hype beasts
Wowww did you see that new kid at school, he’s a sneaker head!!
by Naislin October 14, 2017
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The exact same thing as a crack head but instead of crack it’s sneakers
by Epicgamer69,420 January 5, 2020
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A person who is sexually attracted to sneakers. They buy shoe so they can stick there Dick in them. That's why you didn't win the raffle.
Person 1:"My fatass uncle john is a sneaker head!"
Person 2: " ewww wtf he has sex with shoes?!?!"
Person 1: "he fucked my Jordan 1s!."
by D1r2 October 9, 2021
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The thoughts that sneak into your head as you try to go to sleep. They are usually negative, irrational and exaggerated, but feel oh-so-real at the time.

In the morning you often can't even figure out what you were worried or angry about.
by MynameisScarlett January 8, 2020
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