Creps = Shoes

People may say 'your creps are dead fam' as a way of expressing how bad they think your shoes are.
Ey pussyo, your creps are dead fam.
by renzoi November 07, 2019
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when a person trainers are too 'black' / urban for them to wear it.
john: yes can you guys all see my new trainers?

dwayne: blud dem crep are nice but on you they look like nem crep

john: why?

dwayne: because you the type of cat who should wear only hi-tek from the sale rack at barretts
by creeperbwoy August 23, 2011
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Bird shat on them. Had to take them back.
Crap. Bird just shat on my Lonsdale creps I gotta take them back
by TobyKKO07 October 20, 2020
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When a roadman (preferably over lvl 203) says you have got some nice or “peng” shoes or “creps
You (a new roadman lvl 1 with your mandem):Oi blud!
Little T(an experienced lvl 999 roadman with his mandem):Oi wagwan Mandem youve got some peng creps fam!
You:Thanks fam i be rocking these bare timbs!
by Heccin’ good boye July 26, 2018
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usually used to describe a smelly cunt
(person1): *does/says something stupid*
(person2): “your a proper crep cunt ay
by anonymous crep cunt February 24, 2021
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Nice way to greet your friends, mates before you start a conversation. Or just out of randomness.
Hey Alex!

(Crep Check)
by Callum Pearce January 05, 2020
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