its like a loud sneaky walk but silent...
Bruv, i was crepping though my house last night when i came home absolutely smashed
by BigTing650 June 27, 2015
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Acronym - Community Renewable Electricity Project. A project designed to generate electricity from renewable energy resources, like solar (PV), wind (wind turbines/farms) and hydroelectric power. Communities operate, run, develop, initiate or fund these projects.
Government and local authorities should encourage us to CREP.

CREPPING is a great way of achieving our CO2 targets.
by DHCEP February 27, 2013
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A pair of jeans that sit on top of high top trainers piling up.
"dude check out that guy's jeans."

"yeah man total crep pilers"
by Biffy27 December 13, 2009
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British urban slang
Someone who always wears decent shoes, or "fresh creps"
The equivalent of a "sneaker head"
I'm a bit of a crep fiend you dunnkow
by Tommynang December 16, 2016
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