Money you pay to a prostitute for their sex. Advice: 10-20 up front, the rest after the fact.
Person 1: Dude, I just paid 100 cred for that girl!

Person 2: Waaaaaayyyyy an overpay man, she only is worth 55 creds at max.
by Hamcracker June 02, 2011
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A unit of fake money used at the-n.com (will be teennick in september '09) to spend on virtual clothes at the "Avi Mall" for avatars.
"I just got 15 creds, now I'm going to the Avi-Mall."

"I won 1000 creds when I entered that cred contest from the N'Sider.
by let the wild rumpus start August 24, 2009
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short for crackheads, when a friend group becomes an orgy
haha I "hung out" with the creds last night >;)
by boobi3s February 23, 2020
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