A person that has a desire to be part of what others are doing. One who craves; A craver will watch and wait in anticipation to being invtied or welcomed to join in. One who attempts to pick-up on women yet has no chance.
A pest. Craving - the act of a craver.
"Dude, look at that craver checking out our beer." "He's always craving on some chick."
by clowny666 August 31, 2006
Lazy, hates to run, hates talking on the phone, doesnt believe in team meetings.
Stop being such a Craver!
by Baby potatoes July 18, 2017
a person who is cant get their mind off of pussy
"Eric is a pussy craver?"
by brettisdare January 23, 2009
a girl who loves dick and is always thinking about it and is always trying to get some dick
Jeremy: hey moon, megan's lookin at that dudes dick haha!
Moon: of course she is, she's a cock craver >=(
by shane941 March 23, 2007
One who craves the delights of anal spelunking, buttsecks, or anal sex in general, while possibly in the presence of a cornhole crusader.
I heard that Josh is an anal craver, he had ten different boys last week.
by 171717171010weeds May 16, 2007
a very hot and sexy guy. He has an amazing personality and usually gets any girl he want. i'd advise you to never let him go.
"omg jakob craver is so hot"
by lovebforever2005 May 5, 2017
Someone who wants attention but cannot get it because they are pathetic
She said she was anorexic but I think shes just an attention craver.
by Molly B June 21, 2006