the act of using a laptop while taking a crap
Vick: Oh my god! Brittany Murphy died!
Rick: How did you know that from the bathroom?
Vick: I'm craptopping.
by deadheadrik December 22, 2009
A crappy laptop, usually seen on college campuses when some students were obviously given their parents' old laptops while the parents upgraded.
Wow, did you see Bryan's 2002 IBM craptop?
by gdawson September 15, 2008
A laptop that is so shit that when it joins your game it gives all the other players unbelievable amounts of lag...
"Oh fuck, Sams craptop is giving me loads of lag, what a wanker!! Kick him."
by mevs gay November 15, 2009
A type of computer which is being used while seated on the throne in the thunderbox. See also squat and surf.
MSN posting: "No, I have the webcam switched off; I'm using my craptop..."
by King Drax May 30, 2010
A laptop computer that doesn't do what the salesman said it would, or a laptop which has seen better days.
That craptop is fucked, i think i'll throw it out the window.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
A laptop with a processor under a 75mhz 486 and has no cd rom
My Craptop cant run windows 98.
by Winbetas October 27, 2003
The act of pooping on the keyboard of someone's laptop and then closing it.
My roommate kicked me out of the room last night so I craptopped him when he was in class.
by Madam S November 2, 2009