An "app" that is downloaded from the appstore for the iPod Touch or iPhone that is total crap.
Jill: Hey check out this new app I got. It changes colors!!!
John: You kidding me that's not an app its a crapp!
by Pookyhaha June 28, 2009
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an app for an ipod that totally sucks
Dude! Im downloading the ipedometer "is amazing because it has a heart rate monitor!"

Yo thats got crapp written all over it
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Derived from 'crapplication'; an 'app' that turns out to be crap.
I downloaded that crapp to my phone, what a waste of space!
by ballistic8 March 28, 2010
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Bloated, useless, and/or generally bad social network applications/add-ons.
I can't stand looking at her Facebook page because she has so many crapps.
by hisean July 5, 2008
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the place where mrs can ban infinitely and make cotton candy flavored pixels
"Yo, did you hear about that crappe place on Roblox?"
"it fucking sucks"
by theguywhotriggersb1essed December 27, 2019
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Apps that are total crap. Often includes preinstalled apps or bloatware, such as Apple Maps or Internet Explorer for Windows 8. Alternatively, the generic term for apps for Chrome OS, which are also often crap.
- Apple Maps is so much better than Google Maps!
- What are you on about? That's not an app, it's a crapp! Why do you have so many crapps on your iPhone?

(Alternative meaning)
- Hey, what's this? A link to some website with a load of adverts?
- Oh, that's a crapp for my Chromebook. Unfortunately, most of the apps for Chrome OS are crapps.
by robocoder-db April 19, 2015
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Hey man. Have you seen that CrApp "HandyRandy" by Stevens Creek Software.
by TechnicallyReality July 11, 2008
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