Australian colonial term meaning to give someone a fair chance or cut them a break.

Probably derived from when the original convict Australians were whipped with a "cat o nine tail" for any old indiscretion whether deserved or not...
Woman: Get out of my bed!
Man: Why?
Woman: Because you are not performing to my expectations softy!
Man: Fair crack of the whip! I'm drunk! ....Mumble mumble... Crazy Sheila.....
by Pertinentsnsuch February 14, 2014
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When you accidentally drop the charging part or, micro usb-b connector for your phone charger, possibly damaging the charger and wire if dropped hard enough.
Bro 1: What happened to your charger?

Bro 2: I cracking the whip so many times on it that it broke.
by lionlionlion April 25, 2020
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